Past life Karma: What is it - and how to heal it?

Today, we’re going to talk about a subject that I find absolutely fascinating: past life karma. I know some people might find it a little weird, but I’m guessing you’re not one of them, haha.

I’m going to start with a quick recap for those of you who are not totally familiarized with the term. And, for those of you who are... just bare with me for a minute. 


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What do you mean “past lives”? 

It’s just us westerners that get baffled with the concept of reincarnation. Yogui sages and buddhist monks have known this for millenia. If you were educated under a Christian or Jewish faith system, you were sort of told life is linear. You’re born, you live, you die. You are judged by your creator. If you did good, you go up to heaven. If you did bad, you go down to hell.

I’m missing a whole lot of steps here. I know. It's just to keep this explanation short. 

Eastern philosophies, on the other hand, don’t believe life rolls this way. They see life, like everything else in nature, as something cyclical. You’re born, you live, you die. Yes. But then, your creator doesn’t judge to go up or down. It judges you on whether you aced or flunked the test you were given initially. If you aced it, you ascend. If you flunked it, you come back and retake the course. 

Again, overly simplified. But, you get the idea.

Think of re-incarnation sort of like a game of Super Mario. When you pass a level, you get to go and play in a more evolved world (which is always way cooler).  When you don’t, you’ll just go through a couple of cycles of “game-over” and “game-over” until you eventually pass the level . Cuz, we don’t get to turn off our Nintendo and quit here.

The only difference is, we don’t start fresh when we get to the new world. We’re allowed to take the coins we won, and the scars those lil ghosts gave us when we crossed paths. For good or for bad, we can take the energy we created in one life, and cross it over to the next. And then, the next. And then, the next. Which is what we call karma (the energetic consequences of actions taken in the past). 

I have a whole blogpost explaining the concept of karma here, so I wont get too deep into it today. But check it out after you finish reading this one.

But… how does past life karma affect us today?

Not all energetic consequences tag along into the next life. There are some energies that don’t get stored at the moment our souls leave our body. But most do. There’s “good” ones and there’s “bad” ones. Altogether, we label this stored, trans-incarnational energy as karma

As I said before, not all karma makes us suffer. Natural talents tend to be a result of “good karma”: your soul has practiced that activity in past incarnations, so you start out good from the get-go in this lifetime. Look at Beyonce’s case. The woman was a total phenomenon since she was like 4. In true Beyonce fashion, her soul probably hustled hard through long hours (and incarnations) so her voice could turn out like that, so young. 

It’s really the bad karma we’re trying to get rid of and heal. And bad karma is usually the result of hurt, that was either severe or deadly. When we hurt others in past lives, we tend to walk around with a sense of guilt, or self punishment. When others hurt us, we tend to carry the energy of fear, rage or resentment in this life. However, karma is normally not so all encompassing. It tends to be linked to a specific thing or dynamic. 

Phobias are a great example of “bad karma”. Let's say a spider killed you in past life. And the fear at the moment of death doesn’t flow out, but gets stuck into the Akashic records (the souls memory drive). So it crosses over to the next incarnation. In the next life, because you’ve got the karmic energy inside you, you see a spider and it’s like you’re re-living the moment of death all over again. 

Some people say phobias are irrational, because they “have no root”. I say they’re karmic, because they do have a root. Just not in this life. 

Bad karma can be the root of plenty of nasty situations. On a physical level, it can create chronic pains or food allergies and intolerances. I actually have a whole book where I explain the 3 most common karmic energies behind food intolerances. You can download your free copy here, by filling the format below. 

On a situational level, it can keep you stuck in toxic relationship dynamics that don’t serve you. It can block your relationship with money. It can keep you scared from following your purpose. 

There’s great news, though. Bad karma can be healed. And pretty effectively with energetic therapies like the one I practice, called “Spiritual Response Therapy”. 

Here’s a blogpost where I explain more about Spiritual Response Therapy… cuz it won’t fit in this one! But if you’d like me to make one about how to clear karmic energy DIY style, let me know in the comments.