The #1 Energy Block That Triggers Dairy Intolerance

Hey beautiful human!

My name is Daniela Londono, and I’m an energy healer. I help other lovely people, like yourself, heal their bodies from food intolerances (gluten, dairy, eggs, fish… you name it) with the use of a  wonderful and powerful spiritual tool called Spiritual Response Therapy (or SRT for short). 

“Spiritual Response Therapy? I’ve never heard of that one… What the hell is it?”

I know. SRT isn’t a massively known holistic technique, like Acupuncture or Reiki. But it’s the most powerful energy tool that I’ve encountered in my life. It’s results-driven like nothing I’ve ever seen! Which is why I got certified in the technique and now help other people heal their bodies with it. If you want an in-depth video about Spiritual Response Therapy, I’ll leave this blogpost here so you can check it out, after you finish this one. 

So, let's talk about dairy intolerances

Today, I’m going to talk about dairy intolerance. And, more specifically, I want to introduce you to the most common energy block that I’ve seen in dairy intolerant clients I’ve helped heal. And yes, the keyword here is healed. Not “not feel sick” because they follow a dairy-free diet (and therefore don’t get triggered). No. It’s being able to actually eat dairy products in a moderate manner and not feel the irritation in their bodies. 

Sounds great, no? Keep on reading. 

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Of course; each person’s energy system is an entire world in itself, so there’s many energetic reasons behind dairy intolerance or dairy sensitivity. However, this particular energy block (also called karma), the one I’m going to be talking about today, seems to be a common denominator in almost all (if not all) of my dairy intolerant clients. So my guess is (without knowing your specific case) it might be triggering your dairy intolerance too. Which is why I want to share this information with you.

So first, let's talk about dairy intolerance. And then, I’ll tell you what this whole “karma” business means, and why this “energetic thing” can actually cause reactions in the physical body. 

Dairy intolerance can show up in your body in many ways. Heavy bloating is the most common reaction. Gas is another symptom. Diarrhea, nausea and headaches are other ways intolerance manifests in the body. But there are other reactions (less associated to western medicine) that I’ve witnessed as well in clients. Shortness of breath is one of them. Acne. Brain fog. Just feeling mentally irritated for a couple of days is also quite normal. Energetically speaking, any form of irritation in the body that makes you feel either mildly sick or very sick when you eat dairy is a form of intolerance. The pain doesn’t necessarily have to be in the digestive system for it to affect you. 

Dairy intolerance is not life-threatening. But it is super annoying. At least it was for me (yup, I had it too). I couldn’t even sniff dairy without blowing up like a puffer fish. I would break out all over my face immediately, which was so disheartening. And, I know: elimination diet feels like a full-time job. Even though you try to be a “good patient”, and restrict your diet, dairy feels like an omnipresent deity: its absolutely everywhere! It’s in most savory dishes (italian food… bye!), in most yummy desserts (Ice-cream, no-no. Never again), and used in most frying pans. It’s mentally fatiguing to just keep dairy from crawling into your food.

Now, dairy intolerant people don’t have to live like this forever. I was able to clear my own dairy intolerance with SRT, and I’ve helped many clients do the same. I actually tell my full story here in this free E-book, called “3 energy blocks that might be causing your food intolerances”. 

However, if you want to be able to heal yourself with alternative healing methods, and in particular with SRT, you do have to be open-minded. 

Because what I’m about to say to you might sound weird and “woo-woo”. But I’ve found it to be the root cause underlying many dairy intolerances and sensitivities. What might be causing these physical symptoms in the body when you eat dairy products is actually blocked emotional energy in your body. Sometimes it’s stuck in your liver or your colon, but mostly it lives in your Muladhara chakra, that energetic center that lies between your sexual organs. 

Now, here’s the “woo-woo” part: this emotional energy block most likely wasn’t tangled up in this life. No. It’s normally knotted in a past life. I know: this concept of past lives can be totally baffling, I understand. If you had a western, judeo-christian upbringing, reincarnation is NOT what you were told to believe in. But if you’re familiar at all with yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and other eastern philosophies, you might have heard this before. Yogui sages and buddhist monks have been talking about past lives and energy blocks that tag along into every reincarnation cycle for ages.

They even have a word for it. They call it karma

Karma in a (tiny) nut shell. 

Now, let’s talk about what karma means, and why it relates to dairy intolerance. 

Karma literally means “action” in Sanskrit. It’s the notion that actions made in past lives (or earlier in your current life) impact your present. Actions are not only the things we do with our hands. They can also be the words we speak, the thoughts we think and the feelings we hold on to. In summary, high-vibe actions lead to good consequences (“good” karma). Low-vibe actions lead to energy blocks (“bad” karma). 

Karma is the reason negative emotions felt in a past life might still be lodged in our bodies today. If our souls decide to grab hold of those negative feeling (action), they will tag along into the next life and wreak havoc (consequence) in some shape or form. It's sort of like trauma, but it's trans-incarnational. And one of the ways it shows up (and bugs the hell out of us) is in the form of food intolerances. 

Now, about dairy intolerance in particular. What karma do I recurrently see in my dairy intolerant clients? Part of it is blocked negative feelings that come from a past life. More specifically, from the moment of death in a past life. And these deaths where normally painful or violent, which is why there’s negative energy attached to them. I know, it sounded morbid. But hey, that’s how karma works! And there’s a recurring pattern to these deaths. Can you guess? Yes, that right: they revolved around cows! 

So, sometimes, it’s the cow who provoked the death. Sometimes, it’s rotten milk. Most times, the cow or the milk is just a prop in the crime scene. Somebody else provoked the death, and cows were just hanging around, being witnesses.

How does this event become a dairy intolerance? Good question! As these emotions at the time of death (feeling scared, feeling unprotected, feeling attacked) get stuck in your souls “memory drive”, (more officially called the akashic records), they tend to “pop up” in the body as soon as the person comes in contact with anything dairy. As soon as you taste dairy, the body remembers those feelings from that past life and goes into reactive mode. Sometimes, in the form of digestive irritation. Sometimes, as other symptoms (phobias, for example, is one of them).

Now, this is just 1 karma that might be triggering your dairy intolerance. If you want to know the 3 most common energy blocks that trigger food intolerances, I highly recommend you download this free e-book below. There, I spill the beans on everything related to karma and food intolerances.