The Karmic Root Of Sugar Intolerance

Hey beautiful human!

My name is Daniela Londoño, and I’m an energy healer. I help other lovely people, like yourself, heal their bodies from food intolerances (gluten, dairy, eggs, fish… you name it) with the use of a  wonderful and powerful energy tool called Spiritual Response Therapy (or SRT for short)


So, let's talk about sugar intolerance

Today, I want to talk about sugar intolerance. And, more specifically, introduce you to the most common energy block that I’ve seen in sugar intolerant clients I’ve helped heal. And yes, the keyword here is healed. Not “not feel sick” because they follow a sugar-free diet (and therefore don’t get triggered). No. It’s being able to actually eat sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, honey, agave, take your pick) in a moderate manner and not feel irritation in the body. 

Sounds amazing, no? Keep reading. 

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Of course; no 2 bodies are the same. There’s many energetic reasons behind sugar intolerance or sugar sensitivity. However, this particular energy block (also called karma), seems to be the root cause of sickness in almost all (if not all) of my sugar intolerant clients. So my guess is (without knowing your specific case) it might be triggering yours too. Which is why I wrote this blogpost for you today. 

So first, let's talk about sugar intolerance. And then, I’ll tell you what this whole “karma” business means, and why this “energetic thing” can actually cause reactions in the physical body. 

Sugar intolerance can show up in your body in many ways. Heavy bloating is the most common reaction. Gas is another symptom. Heartburn, Cramps and Diarrhea are other ways intolerance manifests in the body. But there are other reactions (less associated to western medicine) that I’ve witnessed as well in clients. Migraines is one of them. Acne. Brain fog. Just feeling mentally irritated for a couple of days is also quite normal. In energy healing, we consider any physical sense of “ughf”, whether it’s mild or super strong, that sparks right after you eat sugar a form of intolerance. Its doesn’t necessarily have to be in the digestive system to be related.

Now, sugar intolerance is not life-threatening. But it is super annoying. At least it was for me (yup, I had it too). I couldn’t even slightly taste sugar without feeling like I ate poison.  Immediately after eating it, I would break out all over my chin and cheeks, which was so frustrating. And, I know: eliminating sugar from your diet feels like a full-time job. Cuz, everything has sugar! Not only obvious things like desserts (a HUGE no-no of course) but also random stuff like ketchup and Pad Thai. It’s such a hassle to just keep sugar from crawling into your food, isn’t it? If you’ve been here, and know what I talking about, let me know in the comments.

Sugar intolerant people don’t have to live like this forever. I was able to clear my own sugar intolerance with SRT, and I’ve helped many clients do the same. I actually tell my full story here in this free E-book, called “3 energy blocks that might be causing your food intolerances”. You can get your own free copy at the bottom of this blogpost.

However, if you want to be able to heal yourself with alternative healing methods, and in particular with SRT, you do have to be open-minded. 

Because what I’m about to say might sound weird and “woo-woo”. But I’ve found it to be the most common theme underlying sugar intolerances and sensitivities. What might be causing these physical symptoms in the body when you eat sugar is actually blocked emotional energy. Sometimes it’s stuck in your liver or your colon, but mostly it lives in your Sacral Chakra, that energetic center that lies 3 fingers underneath your belly button.

Now, here’s the “woo-woo” part: this emotional energy block most likely wasn’t created in this life. No. It’s normally comes from a past life. I know: this concept of past lives can be totally baffling, I understand. If you had a western, judeo-christian upbringing, reincarnation is NOT what you were told happened in the afterlife. But if you’re familiar at all with yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and other eastern philosophies, you might have heard this before. Yogui sagies and buddhist monks have been talking about past lives, and energy blocks that tag along into every reincarnation cycle for milleniums.

They even have a word for it. They call it karma


Karma in a (tiny) nut shell. 

Now, let’s talk about what karma means, and why it relates to sugar intolerance. 

Karma literally means “action” in Sanskrit. It’s the notion that actions made in past lives (or earlier in your current life) impact your present. Actions are not only the things we do with our hands. They can also be the words we speak, the thoughts we think and the feelings we hold on to. In summary, high-vibe actions lead to good consequences (“good” karma). Low-vibe actions lead to energy blocks (“bad” karma). 

Karma is the reason negative emotions felt in a past life might still be lodged in our bodies today. If our souls decide to grab hold of those negative feelings (action), they’ll get stuck in our energy fields, not only through out that lifetime, but in the next (and in the next), wreaking havoc (consequence) when its present.

It's sort of like trauma - you know, when you can literally relive (and re-feel) today the emotions of a painful event that happened 10 years ago, because that energy is still in your body? It’s like that, but it transcends incarnations. You can feel the fear, for example, today of something that happened 3 lifetimes ago, when triggered with the right props. 

And, for some lovely human beings (I’m guessing like yourself) that prop tends to be sugar. 

So, let me tell you what karma I recurrently see in my sugar intolerant clients. Different to dairy (as I explained in this blogpost right here), it’s not just the energy caused in one life. Normally, it’s the accumulation of karma from many lifetimes. But, they do have a common theme: experiencing severe harm, or even death, around having fun. 

Yup, you heard me right. Resistance to joy tends to be the underlying energy block - the karma - that triggers sugar intolerance. It’s like the soul feels karmically compelled to punish the body when it experiences sweetness. Resistance to joy might also be the root cause of intolerance to other foods that we really enjoy eating. And, here’s an extra fun fact: more often than not, sugar intolerance is also related to the inability, or the “iffiness”, to enjoy our sex life.


So, how does this seemly unrelated thing become a sugar intolerance?

Great question. As these emotions at the time of incident get stuck in our soul’s “memory drive”, (more officially called the Akashic Records), they tend to “pop up” in the body in this lifetime when you come into contact with sugar. The minute the body identifies the sugar, it remembers those feelings from those past lives and goes into reactive mode. Which can manifest itself as a physical symptom (heavy bloating for example).

Now, this is just 1 karma that might be triggering your sugar intolerance. If you want to know the 3 most common energy blocks that trigger food intolerances, I highly recommend you download this free e-book. There, I spill the beans on everything related to karma and food intolerances.