What does karma mean, anyway?

Today we’re going to talk about a REALLY important subject that affects every single human (including you and me) EVERYDAY of our lives. It’s sort of like a law we all operate under, whether we know it or not, that affects everything we touch: our surroundings, ourselves, our relationships… all of it. And as wisdom goes, the more we know how it works, the more we can channel it to bring good energy into our lives. 

That law is called Karma


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Now, you might have heard this word before. Probably in a meme related to “instant karma”. There’s sort of this “urban dictionary” understanding that karma stands for “what goes around, comes around”. And that, if you do bad shit, bad shit will be done to you. 

And, well… yeah. But not really. Actually, not at all. Karma is much more encompassing that boomerang bad juju. So let’s start by defining it. And then, I’ll show how it can apply to real life situations.

Karma. Kaaaaarma. Such a cool word! Where does it come from? It’s originally from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. And it literally translates into english as “action” or “deed”. However, it also refers to the spiritual principle that actions create future consequences. Which is sort of where this poo boomerang theory comes from. 

What’s not quite correct about it is the punitive aspect of it. Karma doesn’t dictate that there’s some kind of spiritual police that’ll track you down and inflict the hurt you’ve done to others on to you. NO. Karma is not about punishment. Or only about negative deeds. Karma is more like a law of how energy flows. 

Let me explain.

As you know, human beings have a physical, material body. But we also have various energetic bodies (and yes, I mean plural). In Spiritual Response Therapy (the energy healing approach I practice), we consider humans to have 7 energetic bodies, each one related to 1 chakras. 

So… 1 physical body. 7 Energetic bodies…. ***** weighing***** we’re mostly energy! 

And energy manifests in our bodies in many ways. As thoughts, yes. But mostly as emotions. As feelings! Anger, joy, enthusiasm, worry… they’re all really just different energies that are vibrating in our system. And those energies are what we radiate out into the world. That’s why you can feel when your mom is mad, when your partner is worried, when your kid is happy, without them having to say a wooooord to you. We project onto our surroundings the emotional energy we have inside and that, inevitably, helps us co-create our reality. 

Now karma, as an energetic law, just states how energy flows out and back into our lives, with no judgement. And the mechanics are simple: actions help us attract more of certain energies (positive and negative) back into our lives. Because, really, all actions do is amplify their energetic intention - the feeling that sprung you to act in the first place. 


If your intention was positive - meaning, for example, love was behind what you did - that action will attract more love into your life. If your intention was negative - meaning, for example, fear was the underlying motive - that action will attract more fear into your life.

In plain slang, actions bring you more of what you felt when you acted. And remember, on an energetic level, actions are not only the things we do with our hands and feet. They are also the words we say. And even the thoughts we think (yes, thoughts make energy flow too!). 

So, how does the law of karma affect us in everyday life?

Let me give you a really common example that I see in relationships.

I had a friend who started dating a guy she wasn’t really fully into (you probably have a friend like this too). She didn't feel the “hhhhmm” or the sense of expansion that love spurs. But she decided to date him anyway because she didn’t want to be alone. What do you think happened?

Yeah, the law of karma fully applied to her! That relationship made her feel even more lonely and disconnected than ever. And, it wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t a bad man or anything. It's just that the law of karma applies to all actions: if you start a relationship (action) because of loneliness (intention), that relationship will bring you more of that feeling of loneliness into your life (consequence). If your intention wasn’t love to begin with, there’s no way that relationship will bring you love. 

The same thing happens with money. If you’re an entrepreneur, and you sign a deal with a client you weren’t passionate about (action) because you feared no more money would come in (intention), you sort of zealed that relationship with the energy of scarcity (consequence). That client will typically not pay you on time, make you jump through hoops to get paid. Or sometimes, even not pay you at all. 

The law of karma is working through us all the time, because we are taking actions all day long. Even if we’re not physically doing anything, we’re still thinking constantly, which energetically is an action. So, we can’t be super conscious of every single move we make, because we’re human. And things slip. However, being aware of the intention, of the feelings, behind the big actions we take in our lives is crucial. 

Let’s make space to reflect when we’re making those big decisions. You know, shifting jobs, choosing careers, getting married. Let stop and ask ourselves, “why am I saying yes to this”? Right down the action down on a piece of paper, that then literally next to it the feeling that's making you want to take that action. If it's positive, that’s what you’re going to cash in. If it's negative, that's also what you’re going to cash in as well. 

We have so much power when we learn how to flow with energy. And the law of karma is one of these things that if we hone down, we can transform our lives for the better.