About Amapola Spiritual

Amapola Spiritual is an online center for deep healing with spiritual techniques. It was founded by Daniela Londono-Velez in 2020 (in the midst of the pandemic) as a solution to help people feel lighter and clearer in the most chaotic period that we've experienced as a collective. Chaos brings a massive erosion of structures, but it's also ripens the terrain to re-invent ourselves, in a way that hopefully is more aligned to who we truly are. 

This is Amapola Spiritual's ultimate mission: to help people connect to the spark of Spirit within them. The "real and true you". And to help clear anything that's getting in the way of that connection - also known as "programming". So that, as a result, you can create more meaningful & loving relationships with:

- Your family, partner, friends and the people around you. 

- Your work and your sense of purpose

- Your physical body. 

- Your Self

Think of us as helpers on your self-discovery journey. We've got the clearing tools to remove the blocks - the negative thoughts, the toxic dynamics, the sense of confusion - that aren't you. And help you see more clearly, and connect on a practical level, to your own divinity. 


At Amapola Spiritual, we currently offer 2 types of clarity-inducing services: 

1) Spiritual Response Therapy, a powerful healing modality that clears deep-seated "blocks" in a person's mind, heart and body. It has the width to treat many issues, including:

- Emotional pain due to divorce

- Creative blocks

- Food intolerances

- Conflicts in relationships with family, partners, colleagues, or friends

 To learn more about this healing modality, click here.


2) The Soul Compass Method, a practical system that helps entrepreneurs:

- Find their north star in their business

- Connect on a deep level to their intuition to make decisions in their business

- Clear blocks that are not allowing their business to grow. 

To learn more about this method, click here.  


My name is Daniela Londono-Velez. I'm an SRT healer and a spiritual guide for soul-driven entrepreneurs.

I began my journey along the spiritual path like many do: in therapy. When I was around 18, I started asking myself questions. There was a sense of disconnection to the world and the people around me that was wounding me. It was heart breaking. And I didn't want to continue living that way. 

Therapy helped. But it didn't bring about the internal shifts I wanted to feel. I wanted to feel lighter. Way lighter. And happier. And more at ease in my relationships. And, like my life meant something. To me, at least. Meaning had been so ellusive for me at that point. I was deeply trying to find it within me.

So I started exploring elsewhere. First with alternative therapies like family constellations. Then, with energy healing techniques like floral essences, crystal therapy and reiki. Until, by an act of synchronicity, I stumbled on Spiritual Response Therapy. And it completely changed my life. 

I can safely say, my life journey has a before and after getting certified as an SRT practitioner. SRT helped me heal from all the food intolerances I was suffering from. It helped me, slowly but surely, upgrade the quality of my relationships with my loved ones. It allowed me to understand who I was, on a deeper level. And it gave me a mechanism to serve others, as powerfully as it has served me. 



My name is Pilar Botaya and I am an SRT Healer. I would like to share a little bit about my journey in this spiritual path.

Since I was young, I have been a very inquisitive person and I grew up in a very academic centric household. Thinking, thinking, and doing was my thing. I always found solutions to most of the problems I had… or so I thought. I lived stressed out because I did not have time for enjoying. I felt I had this perfect life, but something was missing. In 2004, I had a close encounter with death: my mom was very ill for one month and a half (luckily, she is fine now) and everything changed. 

I started reframing my life and entering a new cycle of inner consciousness. I took all kinds of courses, semiology, yoga, consciousness, Zhineng Qi Qong, meditation, Master Healing I, II and III. The deeper I studied the less I knew. I have come to realize that to be at peace and happy it is important to dive into yourself. Work on your strong traits and weak traits and embrace them both with love. 

I found Spiritual Response Therapy in 2018 and it totally changed my life. I started seeing my path with more clarity as I worked with this new methodology. It not only helped me to clear personal blocks, but all my surroundings started to change in a very positive and loving way. Working with this therapy has given me the tools to see the world in a different perspective and more holistically. We are all here in this world, to learn something. SRT offers a  powerful method to do so within a safe place. Let us live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. SRT has helped accomplish this for me and for the people around me.