How To Find Your Life's Calling

Hey there,

Welcome to the free online masterclass "How To Find Your Life's Calling"! In this class, I'll be sharing 2 insights about how to start gaining clarity around what your life calling actually is (yes, you have one. I can guarantee it). 


Click on the Youtube video below to see the full class. 


If you'd like to skip forward to a specific part of the class, here's the index:

  • Introduction - 00:00
  • Why did we come to this planet? - 5:45 
  • Your unique nature (according to the Vedas) - 12:24
  • Your unique gift to the world - 56:57
  • What to do now? - 1:04:38
  • Q&A - 1:08:00


If you'd like to work with me to find out your own life calling, you can click here to book a session with me.


Hope you enjoy the insights!


Much love to you, 


Daniela Londono-Velez