Karmic Energy: What Is It & How do I heal it?

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Here's the online masterclass full pre-recorded video: 


Let me give you a short description of the sections: 

00:00 - Introduction

7:22 - What is karma, anyways? 

13:57 - Let's talk about karma & reincarnation.

19:03 - How does karma get created?

23:52 - How does karma affect us in everyday life

39:12 - How can we heal karmic energy?

52:13 - Audience Question #1: Why do bad things happen when our intentions are good?

54:41 - Audience Question #2: How do you know if you're in a love-bonded relationship or in a karma-bonded relationship?

58:57 - Audience Question #3: Does karma healing need to be performed by a psychic?

1:02:20 - Audience Question #4: How do you know you're not pulling in bad energies?

1:04:20 - Audience Question #4: Does karma healing stick?

1:08:36 - Client Testimonial - "A session with Daniela cleared my wheat intolerance"

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