What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

Spiritual Response Therapy (or SRT for short) is a very powerful therapeutic modality that is designed to heal a person deeply. On a mind and heart level, of course. But also on a body level: many chronic inflammatory illnesses like food intolerances and sinus allergies can be treated through this therapy.

A knowledgeable SRT healer can enable life-changing results within you (just see Vishen Lakhiani’s - CEO of MindValley - video testimonial here). And these transformations can be experienced in a relatively short amount of time, when compared to other therapeutic modalities like psychotherapy or hypnotherapy.


Why can SRT be more effective? 

Because SRT helps you feel clearer. But not just by healing “programming” in your subconscious mind - as psychotherapy and hypnotherapy do. It does that, of course… but it can reach deeper. Way deeper. 

A SRT healer can help remove those blocks that feel like entrenched food particles on a dirty pot. You know, the recurrent self-deprecating thoughts. The deep emotional wounds that don’t seem to heal. The food intolerance that gets worse when you’re stressed. Basically, the stuff you’ve been trying to heal for years with your therapist. But you’re still not experiencing the shift, the emotional freedom you’re yearning for.

Healing blocks in your subconscious is a good starting point. But, to really free yourself of those deeply-seated issues, you need to explore elsewhere within you.

Don’t get us wrong: many blocks do lie in your subconscious. But the “stickiest”, most ingrained programming you have - that deeply disconnects you from yourself, from receiving love in relationships & that even triggers illness in your body - are not actually seeded in there. They’re lodged in a deeper memory archive within you. An etheric storage space - that yes, is within your energy field, but not in your mind - called your Akashic Records. 

Clearing deeply-rooted beliefs, that tend to be stored in this memory archive, is what SRT is designed to do. And it can do it very effectively (hence, the quick shifts people experience at Amapola Spiritual). A knowledgeable SRT healer can pluck out “faulty programming” - negative beliefs, emotional wounding, and even chronic inflammatory diseases - from the root. So they won’t grow back again, just like weeding a garden. 

“But wait… the Akashic what?! It seems so woo-woo. Can it really affect my modern day life?”

Very good question. Let us explain.

What are your Akashic Records?

Your Akashic Records are your soul’s personal library. It’s in your energy field, and it can be accessed through your 8th chakra (see the picture below). But it's etheric: it doesn’t have a physical location. Sort of like Google Drive, that lives up “in the cloud”.

However, it does have real-world implications. Because the information stored in there affects how you think, feel (and even how your body reacts to food) today. 

Your Akashic Records contain your ENTIRE programming. It holds all the coding, memories and “wiring” that makes you you, today. The good parts & the dark parts too. Contrary to traditional psychological theory, we believe your programming doesn’t only come from early childhood experiences. You know, the memories of being bullied at school or the limiting beliefs about money you absorbed from your parents. Your childhood for sure helped form part of your programming. But only a small part. A big chunk of it was already encoded within you before you were even born.

The way we see it, the memories & the “wiring” that makes you you today, has been accumulating throughout your soul’s entire journey on Earth. This journey includes your present lifetime, of course. But also ALL of your past lives. All of your soul’s programming - the compiled recorded experiences of ALL of your incarnations - are stored in your Akashic Records. It’s all kept in your “iCloud storage”. And your mind is constantly accessing the programming in there to make decisions, in real time. Which is influencing how you interact with the world around you, today

Let’s display 2 simple examples. 

If you’ve ever had a phobia, you’ve witnessed it in action already. We’ve had clients that were terrified of closed spaces, and they had no idea why. They couldn’t pinpoint a childhood experience that was that traumatizing. And they were right: the original memory almost  always stemmed from a past life. An experience where they were physically injured. The “crime scene” was in a closed space. The emotional memory - the recording that associated being in a closed space with the injury, therefore triggering the feeling of panic - was stored in their Akashic Records. And the programming was playing “on repeat” every time they walked into an elevator.

The lingering feeling that “whoever pays me has the right to own me” is another issue many of our clients struggle with at work. It shapes their relationships with their bosses, clients or whoever is paying them. It’s a deeply incarcerating money block. And, we’ve seen the “original belief” stems from past incarnations. From multiple lifetimes of experiencing slavery, actually. Which is precisely why the dynamic around money is so deeply ingrained in them. And it’s playing out in their work life, today.

In both cases, only by plucking out the “original block” by its root - which is stored in their Akashic Records - could these people opt out of this pattern. 

This “wiring” that was unconsciously keeping them in 

  • A traumatic emotional loophole (in the example of the phobia) and 
  • A binding mental loophole (in the example of the money block). 

And, as a result, feel real emotional freedom. Relatively quickly, when compared with other forms of therapy.

Clearing deeply-seated blocks is sort of like fighting whitewalkers in Games of Thrones. To really get rid of the whole bunch (in this case, the entire block) you need to tackle the Night King (the original record).  And this “plucking of the original record” can be done safely and effectively with Spiritual Response Therapy. 

How does SRT work?

Spiritual Response Therapy is ultimately a very well designed methodology that allows a healer to: 

  1. Access a client’s Akashic Records in a safe & quick manner. 
  2. Channel a clearing vibration - called the High Self - that heals “faulty programming” in that memory drive in an effective & painless way. 

A SRT healer will use a metal pendulum and a set of charts as tools for the clearing process.

SRT is one of the few therapeutic modalities that has equal effectiveness, whether it's performed through Zoom or in person. Your Akashic Records, in practical terms, behaves very similarly to your iCloud account. It’s in your energy field, and it stores a LOT of data. But it’s etheric. It lives up in “the cloud”. Which means: it can be accessed remotely. Anwd the clearing can be done remotely too.

At Amapola Spiritual, you can enjoy receiving this powerful therapy from the comfort of your own home!

What can be healed with SRT ?

At Amapola Spiritual, we’ve only begun to explore the surface of what is possible, in terms of clearing deep-rooted blocks in the Akashic Records! However, we have found that SRT is particularly effective helping heal the following issues:

A) On a body level: 

  • Chronic inflammatory reactions such as:
    • Food intolerances
    • Pollen and dust allergies
    • Dermatitis and Eczema 
  • Phobias
  • Sciatica pains 
  • Myopia, Hyperopia and astigmatism


B) On a heart level

  • Heartbreak after a divorce or breakup
  • Toxic dynamics with romantic partners
  • Conflicts with romantic partners
  • Toxic dynamics with family members
  • Conflicts with family members
  • Deeply rooted resentment after getting hurt 
  • Opening up the heart to find a loving romantic partner


C) On a mind level: 

  • Creative blocks
  • Finding clarity on one’s life purpose

It can work for you, too!

Spiritual Response Therapy is the one of the most effective therapeutic modalities we have encountered as healers. It's so transformative, and it changed our lives on such a deep level, that we decided to offer it this service to others as a way of living.

To see exactly how SRT changed our lives, click here.

We have personally experiences how powerful it is. Get ready, get excited: by clearing up your energy blocks with this technique, your life can totally change. I know mine did.